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About Thunderbird

The Thunderbird Global Management School is a public management school dedicated to international business and public management research. Founded in 1946, it is one of the oldest management research institutes in the United States. In 2014, Thunderbird Global Management College was merged into Arizona State University in the United States. Arizona State University (ASU) was established in 1885 as a public university. ASU, along with Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, and Harvard University, ranks among the top 10 in the United States and 11th globally in terms of patents in 2020. In 2017, Arizona State University announced the construction of a new campus for the Thunderbird Global Management School in the Phoenix City Center, Arizona's capital.

About Thunderbird
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Global Ranking and Certification

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Teachers and faculty

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Course Introduction

Course Introduction
  • high-end courses, immersive English teaching

  • Global Challenge Laboratory

  • 12-24 learning cycles

  • Tokyo International Exchange Online Learning

  • Credits

  • Courses
    10 courses

  • Tuition fees

  • registration fee

10 courses
  • · Leading the international and regional business environment
  • · Competitive Strategies from a Global Perspective
  • · Financial Value Creation for Managers
  • · Internationalized Customer Experience and Digital Marketing
  • · Global Leadership and Personal Development
  • · International Accounting Digital Management
  • · Communication and Negotiation in a Dynamic World
  • · Global Data Analysis and Digital Transformation
  • · *Thunderbird Applied Learning (Global Vision Seminar)
  • · Global Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Business
elective courses: one out of four

    『firsthand international tourism 』

    『 100% online』

  • · Global Seminar
  • · Global Organization Consultation
  • · Global Challenge Labs: A top-level course at Thunderbird, consisting of a team of four to five Master of Leadership and Management (MLM) candidates to communicate with clients in advanced or emerging markets. The team spent a week working on the project on-site with their client. The project is tailored to the customer's business needs and provides complex data and market analysis, strategic recommendations, and practical and effective sustained growth plans. The laboratory provides truly win-win projects, creates value for the company, and provides our students with a unique professional learning experience.
  • · Global Enterprise Creation
International Exchange

    premiere of face-to-face communication between Tokyo, Japan and top experts from around the world, visits from internationally renowned enterprises, Thunderbird alumni discussions, unity of knowledge and action, expanding the international stage

Enrollment Experience

  • Immersive Pure English Teaching
  • Weekly online Q&A
  • Online learning (recorded and repeatable)
  • Personalized one-on-one guidance for learning and career planning
  • The school help center provides 24-hour real-time chat, allowing users to access the school's electronic library, research databases, electronic journals, website design templates, etc. at any time, or use file sharing and online storage functions.
  • You can establish connections with 45000 alumni from various industries in 145 countries through various means
Enrollment Experience
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Graduation Certificate Display

Employment opportunities

Admission criteria and admission process

Admission Criteria

· Bachelor's degree (graduation certificate, degree certificate)

· Official transcripts issued by universities

· Recommendation letter (consult the admission teacher for details)

· Personal resume (in both Chinese and English)

· English: Competitive TOEFL and IELTS scores or short-term English training arranged by

Thunderbird school: ASU Global Launch offers the "ASU Entrance Standards English Course". Complete the following three steps to meet the admission criteria.

· STEP1: Accept screening tests (free) 

· STEP2: Attend an 8-week ASU Global Launch (online English course) 

· STEP3: Achieve a score of 80 or above.

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Enrollment Process

1. Consultation
Face to face or online

2. Registration and Payment
Download the application form and send the completed application form and other materials (Chinese and English resumes, undergraduate diplomas, degree certificates, unit recommendation letters, English transcripts, etc.) to the admissions office (our company).

Simultaneously pay the registration fee.

3.Registration review
The admissions office will submit the application materials to Thunderbird headquarters for review.

4.Announcement of qualified list
Thunderbird headquarters will send the review results to the China Admissions Office, which will send the admission notice to qualified students.

5.After receiving the tuition fees paid by the students, the admissions office will send them the ASUID and admission guide, and the students will personally log in to the ASU official website to submit the materials and complete the admission procedures.
After receiving the tuition fees paid by the students, the admissions office will send them the ASUID and admission guide, and the students will personally log in to the ASU official website to submit the materials and complete the admission procedures.

Admissions Office

Admissions Office

Thunderbird Global School of Management Authorized Admissions Center

Address: Room 1201, Building 1 (Zeyang Building), No. 166 Fushi Road, Shijingshan District, Peking

Tel: 010-68817606

Contact person: Teacher Yu


This project is only applicable to signed members of our company

Consultation and registration